Twelve Principles Of Success
  1. The Modularity Principle - See the grand vision and solve one small piece at a time
  2. The Team Principle - Share your resources, you'll learn more from sharing than from holding
  3. The Levarege Principle - Obtain multiple sponsors to share expenses
  4. The Credibility Principle - Obtain well-known sponsors (AT&T, NSF, IBM, DARPA…)
  5. The Publicity Principle - Think big, visibility turns into credibility (e.g. appearing in a newspaper article)
  6. The Reality Principle - A poor demo is better than the best lecuture. Solving a real problem is best!
  7. The One-Ahead Principle - Sell something you are 50% done with, you will be perceived as an expert
  8. The Pain Principle - Find their pain, relieve their pain
  9. The Champion Principle - Find a champion to open doors
  10. The Positive Principle - Never as a question that can be answered "No". (How can I change this proposal to better suit your needs?)
  11. The Initiative Principle - Until you get the money, the ball is always in your court. The sponsor will give you every chance to fail. Stay on top of things.
  12. The Persistence Principle - Never quit. Keep trying. Keep exploring. Overcome obstacles. There is no finish line!
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