Welcome to our Virtual Study Group

This Wiki is for studying as a virtual group. Together we can ACE The Core Examt, by learning the material needed to pass his test and by collectively supporting each other to insure that knowledge is transfered from our notes into our heads.

Audio of Dr Nunamaker's core exam review.

(5MG, requires Windows Media Player or equivelant)

Research has show that groups that study together score better than lone individuals. Also, research has show that students who write and create study tools score higher than those that don't.

The key is to create study content that helps others study for the test, thereby helping you cement the knowledge in your mind as you share.

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When editing a page, try to follow this format the content after this pattern.

  1. Brief intro
  2. Definitions
  3. Major components
  4. Link to URL on website for exact document
  5. Important slide numbers or page numbers in documents
  6. Example or sample application (several algorithms have good examples on the internet)
  7. Sample test questions


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