Review Process
Reviewers’ Steps Task Description
Step 1: Summarize the article in our own words. This will help you conceptualize the article and help the author see what others understand.
Step 2: Articulate your expertise and what you are not expert in.
Step 3: Give advice that is actionable, step by step.
Step 4: Use the author’s assumptions to convince the author of improvements.
Step 5: Give your general observations and a list of specific comments, numbered for easy reference.
Step 6: Articulate strengths of the article
Step 7: Explicitly locate the part you reference by quote or page number.
Step 8: Give feedback on tables, figures and diagrams.
Step 9: Be kind.
Step 10: Be frank and tactful.
Step 11: Conduct your own research on the topic.
Step 12: Suggest future research possibilities if you reject the manuscript.
Step 13: When recommending revision, identify alternatives for how the revision could be presented.
Step 14: Include citations or bibliography.
Step 15: Date the review.
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