Academic Preparedness

Main points from all the Academid preparedness books we read.

1. Motivation is more important than genius when earning a Ph.D.
2. Moving to faculty requires a change from graduate school.
3. Develop your vita, start from day one in your Ph.D. program
4. Publish or perish
5. Take advantage of a postdoc, gives you time to research without the tenure clock expiring. Disadvantage is less money, but well worth the tradeoff.
6. During your Ph.D. years, visit potential employers. Meet the faculty, see the facilities, familiarize yourself with the research, and offer to give guest lectures.
7. Be patient with the hiring process. It takes time and effort.
8. Don’t leave graduate school without finishing your dissertation.
9. Prepare for teaching: It’s increasingly more important than before.
a. Set goals
b. Choose textbooks
c. Create syllabi
d. Create assessments
10. Establish office hours and respond to email (tempered by your priority to conduct research).
11. Use the teaching centers for help in developing your teaching skills
12. Create a teaching portfolio.
13. Obtains research grants.
a. Target organizations that will benefit from your research
b. Find their need and solve it.
c. Money is power
14. Publish in quality journals, write quality articles
15. Make yourself invaluable to the department
16. Manage your career with short term, medium term, and long term goals.

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